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Factor K

(k) Domestic violence, regardless of whether the violence was directed against or witnessed by the child.


  1. Mom was arrest for Domestic violence in1998 with her first husband.
  2. Mom was arrested again on May 8th 1999 for DV, again with her first husband.
  3. On May 7th 2003, Mom's BF was arrested for fighting with her currtnt (3rd) husband.
  4. From 03-05 there were 4 calls to mom's home for DV. BF and 3rd husband fighting.
  5. 6/14/2004 Mom physically assaulted Dad's girlfriend.
  6. 6/2009 Mom and Step-Dad, Domestic Violence with arrest.
  7. One that I can not prove but our son can recall seeing Mom and her current husband fighting.


Mom has had domestic violence in all of her marriages except me. What does that tell you?