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  1. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has analyzed reported of patterns and trends of online child sexual predators and has compiled a report that focuses on offenders’ goals and tactics, the nature of child/offender relationships, the various online locations used to commit this crime and the aftermath/outcomes for child victims. Parents can access the NMEAC report to learn more about the online enticement of children, including prevention and intervention efforts.
  2. Bullying can have serious, and sometimes fatal consequences. Yesterday, August 2, 2017, CBS reported on the suicide of a 12-year-old girl--Mallory Grossman--who was a straight-A student who loved gymnastics. Mallory, killed herself on June 14 after what her parents claim was relentless cyberbullying by her classmates. Her parents are suing the Rockaway, New Jersey school system for failing to use proper protocol after they reported the cyberbullying.
  3. Most of the lawyers, court personnel, judges and parents who read my blog are well aware that there have been many--too many--cases in which a parent has alienated a child or children from the other parent. The results can be devastating. Some cases have gained notoriety that has not been helpful -- that has often harmed not only the parents and children, but also lawyers and/or court personnel trying to resolve these vexing and destructive cases. Having identified the problem, lawyers, courts and parents need to look for better answers.
  4. Michigan's Revocation of Paternity Act requires a person desiring to set aside (revoke) a previously signed Acknowledgment of Parentage within three years of the date of birth of the child or within three years after the AOP was signed, whichever is later. Certain facts can be grounds for extending that three year time limit.
  5. Amazing! Imagine a mother so eager to go to Europe for a vacation that she would leave her four children home alone. It's hard to believe, isn't it! Erin Macke lives in a suburb of Des Moines. When she could...