I am but one lowly human person but I will share with you the bullshit that I've noticed taking place in Wayne county Michigan and possibly in many other places in this country. 


I recognize that many cities and counties run low on cash 

Canton Michigan Ticket Scam

June 2015. Beck road is a major construction project. Traffic is detoured on the almost never used Gyde Road. Gyde Road is a dirt road that runs between Beck and Ridge. It is not only rarely traveled but it is so poorly maintained that the speed signs in both directions are almost invisable as the signs and their supporting poles are completely overgrown with shrubbery. 

gyde road ticket scam canton mi


If you look closely you can see a cone that was placed AFTER my friend received his ticket on a road without visable signs. If you look even closer, you can see the sign that has been overtaken by brush.


Justice / Speed Enforcement??? For Canton, that came in the form of a ticket written to a driver, on a dirt road, where the speed limit sign was overgrown with shrubbery and barely visable.


This driver was provided with a court date which he attended. This is where this story begins to suck.


After arriving at the court house in Plymouth, MI and waiting nearly 2 hours to see the prosecutor, this driver presents pictures showing that the sign was not visible. The prosecutor looked at the proof, tilted her head then said, "this is what we normally do, we can give you an impedeing traffic, $150 fine and no points. OR, you can go to court. WTFFFFF????????????


In the face of an OBVIOUS improper citation, this process calls you to respond without being fully ready to respond themselves. The officer was not present so this driver would have to return for an additional court date. The end result was that my friend decided that his time was much too valuable to continue to waste. He paid the $150 and continued on with his life.


NOW, ME?? Am an asshole and I believe in calling assholes when I see them. What Canton has done here is a scam. The issuing officer is supposed to be intelegent enough to conclude "ohh, this is an unfamiliar road and the sign is practically invisable. I think that I will not issue this or any other ticket until this shrubbery is addressed."


Even better, perhaps he could have walked over to the sign, grabbed the limb and broken it so that the sign was visable. At least then, he could have a clean conscience while issuing these citations.


The crimes taking place in our courts and cash strapped communities is infurriating. Instead of searving the community by immediately addressing the sign visibility, he places a cone on the ground which remained for a few days until the experts came to cut the branch.


Section 2A.22 Maintenance (From the MMUTCD)


01 Maintenance activities should consider proper position, cleanliness, legibility, and daytime and nighttime

visibility (see Section 2A.08). Damaged or deteriorated signs, gates, or object markers should be replaced.

02 To assure adequate maintenance, a schedule for inspecting (both day and night), cleaning, and replacing

signs, gates, and object markers should be established. Employees of highway, law enforcement, and other

public agencies whose duties require that they travel on the roadways should be encouraged to report any

damaged, deteriorated, or obscured signs, gates, or object markers at the first opportunity.

03 Steps should be taken to see that weeds, trees, shrubbery, and construction, maintenance, and utility

materials and equipment do not obscure the face of any sign or object marker.

04 A regular schedule of replacement of lighting elements for illuminated signs should be maintained.

(I know, this is not law but a guide, well it's a little more than a guide)


I find it extremely surprising that one single person, me, can come across so many situations that prove that police departments and our local municipalities are taking advantage of the people that they are meant to serve.